Aftercare and Cremation

We provide compassionate aftercare for your beloved family pet, including traditional Cremation and Aquamation technology, to honor your cherished companion with sensitivity and respect – just as they deserve. 

Why Choose Us?

At Heartstrings, we understand the unfathomable bond between pets and their families. Inspired by a spark of compassion that was given by the veterinary community when the time came for our family pet, we set out to create a on-stop haven – where families can find peace during one of life’s greatest challenges.

Together, we environed Heartstrings as a turnkey practice, dedicated to providing families with a seamless and compassionate experience from beginning to end. That covers the start of hospice and palliative care to in-home euthanasia, and finally, the return of their beloved pet’s ashes. By partnering with both a crematorium and local aquamation firm, we take care of everything with a 360 approach – leaving time for families to focus on saying their heartfelt goodbyes and remembering their pets the best they can. 

We’re proud to offer a service that goes beyond the norm, making the entire process a more meaningful experience for grieving families. 

Deciding on the aftercare of your pet’s remains is very personal and a decision that only you can make. There are five options available to choose from, which are further explained below:

Private Aquamation

2-35 Lbs............$239
36-70 Lbs..........$279
71-100 Lbs........$299

Communal Aquamation

2-35 Lbs............$99
36-70 Lbs...........$129
71-100 Lbs.........$159

Traditional Cremation

1-30 Lbs............$299
31-60 Lbs.........$339
61-80 Lbs.........$379
Over 81 Lbs.......$399

Communal Cremation

1-30 Lbs............$159
31-60 Lbs.........$179
61-80 Lbs.........$199
Over 81 Lbs.......$219

Private Burial

Owner's Responsibility

Aftercare Service

Options & Information 

Private Aquamation

By choosing this option, your pet will undergo a private aquamation process at our authorized facility, Heavenly Paws Aquamation. Through rigorous evaluation, including site visits and a thorough assessment of top-tier qualities, we’ve established a trusted partnership with them. Our doctors have immense confidence in Heavenly Paws, entrusting their own pets to their care. Once the aquamation process is complete, we’ll promptly notify you when your pet’s ashes are ready for retrieval. If desired, we can arrange a private, in-home delivery by a team member to bring your beloved one’s ashes directly to your residence for a personal touch.

Fee Range – $189 to $399
**Based on Weight**

Communal Aquamation

Your pet will undergo aquamation alongside other cherished companions, and the Aquamation facility will respectfully scatter their ashes together.

Fee Range – $69 to $269
**Based on Weight**


Private Cremation

Opting for this choice ensures your pet undergoes a traditional cremation at our partner’s authorized facility, a local Crematorium. Following a rigorous assessment involving site inspections and a comprehensive evaluation, we’ve established a trusted collaboration with them. Our doctors have unwavering confidence in the Crematorium, even entrusting their own beloved pets to their care. Once the cremation process is complete, we’ll promptly notify you when your pet’s ashes are ready for retrieval. If preferred, we can arrange for a team member to deliver your beloved one’s ashes directly to your residence through a private and personal in-home delivery.

Fee Range – $299 to $479
**Based on Weight**


Communal Cremation

Your pet will undergo traditional cremation alongside other cherished companions, and the Crematorium will respectfully scatter their ashes together.

Fee Range – $159 to $299
**Based on Weight**


Private Burial

For a more intimate farewell, Heartstrings Pet Hospice offers private at-home burial. This personalized option allows families to create a tranquil resting place for their pets in the comfort of their surroundings. It’s important to note that with private at-home burial, families are responsible for checking and adhering to local zoning ordinances and coordinating the process. At Heartstrings, we recognize the uniqueness of each family’s decision and are committed to guiding them through this individualized process. Our compassionate team provides support, guidance, and necessary assistance to ensure the chosen farewell aligns with the family’s wishes, making the journey as seamless and comforting as possible.

What to expect from Aquamation?

Need to Talk To Heartstrings About Aftercare Options?

Upon the veterinarian’s arrival, a comprehensive explanation of the entire procedure will be provided to you and your family, tailored to your preferences and comfort level. Feel free to inquire about any aspect along the way—everything will proceed at a pace determined by you and your pet. In most cases, barring extreme or urgent circumstances, a sedation injection will be administered to your pet to guarantee their comfort. This will induce a state of drowsiness, allowing your pet to gradually fall asleep before the final injection, ensuring a painless and serene procedure.