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Welcome to the Heartstrings Pet Hospice FAQ page. Here, you’ll discover a detailed guide covering frequently asked questions about pet hospice care. Delve into essential topics like end-of-life support for your cherished pets, the array of services available, and practical advice to aid in making tough decisions. Our goal with this FAQ is to offer valuable insights and assistance to pet owners seeking compassionate and knowledgeable care for their furry companions during difficult periods. If you have specific questions, peruse the FAQs for informative answers or contact us directly for further support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regrettably, numerous disorders and diseases affecting our cherished furry companions often lead to a distressingly painful and traumatic “natural death.” Symptoms may encompass challenges in breathing, seizures, heart failure, and internal bleeding. Though the decision to bid farewell is undoubtedly arduous, it is fundamentally an act of kindness aimed at sparing our loved ones from prolonged suffering.

In the course of hospice or palliative care, we employ a range of resources to ensure the utmost comfort for your loved ones. Our skilled doctors are adept at assessing your pet’s needs and can recommend optimal solutions encompassing environmental, medical, and integrative care. Feel free to contact us to gain further insights and explore the possibilities of scheduling a hospice visit.

Assessing your pet’s quality of life can pose challenges. Employing daily measurements can transform a subjective evaluation into an objective one. Our quality of life scale facilitates the documentation of both positive and negative days. When the prevalence of challenging days becomes notable, it signals a compromise in your loved one’s quality of life. Heartstrings is dedicated to assisting you in navigating this evaluation process and arriving at the best decision for your pet.

The Heartstrings schedule is very fluid and can change day to day and even hour to hour. Ideally, you should submit a request or call in with 24-48 hours notice. We cannot guarantee same day appointments but we will do our best to see your loved one as soon as possible.

Nothing is required of you to prepare for your appointment. Our doctors are ready for and experienced in many situations. However there are things to consider. Is there is favorite place that your loved one likes to be? Are there favorite foods (even human foods!) you can feed your pet to make their last

day special? Also consider activities that you can do with your loved one prior to the appointment such as a walk, car ride, trip to the park, or just cuddling on the couch.

Families are encouraged to extend invitations to anyone they wish to have present during the appointment, including other pets. If there’s a concern that additional pets might disrupt the visit and are, therefore, kept in another room, our doctors will provide an opportunity for them to experience the scent and presence of your loved one after the passing.

Should the family opt for a swift and efficient process, it can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. However, our doctors are committed to working at the family’s preferred pace, respecting their cues for each step. While the doctors would ideally allocate ample time, it’s essential to consider and be respectful of other families who may have appointments scheduled on the same day.

We understand that behavioral issues are an unfortunate part of pet ownership. Some of our doctors even have personal experience with this kind of difficult situation. So when you call in requesting our assistance, our care coordinator will collect your information to pass on to one of our doctors. The doctor will then reach out to discuss your pet’s behavior issues and make a plan as to how we can help in the safest way possible.

In instances involving aggression issues, bites may occur. If your pet has bitten a person or another animal, our doctors will adhere to state guidelines regarding the appropriate steps for in-home euthanasia. This could involve a quarantine period or rabies testing. Feel free to contact Heartstrings, and we will gladly collaborate with you to navigate this challenging situation.

Numerous options are available to commemorate your pet! Heartstrings provides a platform to share pictures and text, allowing others to reminisce fondly about your beloved companion. Additional memorial ideas include planting a tree, installing a statue, creating a shadow box, contributing to a preferred charity in your pet’s name, or even carrying your loved one’s ashes on a journey reminiscent of their enjoyment.

We recognize that the grieving process is challenging, and individuals cope in diverse ways. Heartstrings provides a range of options for pet loss support and grief counseling. When you feel prepared to seek our assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Additionally, consider relying on a trusted friend or family member for support. Remember, you are not alone. In the event of intrusive or self-harming thoughts, please contact a reliable professional or reach out to the suicide prevention hotline (dial 988).

Conventional cremation is a widely recognized fire-based process. Aquamation, on the other hand, is a relatively modern method utilizing an alkaline solution to expedite the decaying process. While ashes from aquamation closely resemble those from traditional cremation, they tend to be slightly finer, potentially resulting in up to 20% more ashes compared to the amount obtained through traditional cremation.

In the case of private cremation, whether through traditional or aquamation methods, your beloved pet will undergo processing in an exclusive, dedicated chamber. This ensures that the ashes returned to you are solely those of your cherished companion. Communal cremation, conversely, involves the scattering of ashes on private property, and in this process, individual ashes are not returned to the pet owner.