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Join Heartstrings and experience a supportive and positive work culture…

Striking the perfect balance between work and life while finding fulfillment in delivering end-of-life care for senior pets and their devoted owners. A contented job equates to a satisfying career, ultimately leading to a happier life!

For those who truly grasp its significance, the profound fulfillment and worth derived from assisting pets and their families through the end-of-life journey are undeniable. Being at the forefront of this evolving veterinary medicine sector not only results in job contentment but also contributes to a fulfilling career and overall happiness.

As a valued member of the Heartstrings team, you’ll belong to a community that deeply cares for one another and is driven by a shared passion for making a meaningful impact in the world. Our commitment to doing meaningful and impactful work has fostered an unparalleled positive work culture. Working collaboratively as a cohesive team, we support, learn, and grow together, ensuring that pets and their families bid farewell with serenity and dignity in the familiar setting of their homes.

What motivates us to undertake this work at Heartstrings?

Heartstrings team members stand by pet parents during one of the most challenging moments in their lives. Beyond a natural affinity for caring for animals, our team possesses a genuine concern for the emotional well-being of individuals, enabling us to deliver compassionate end-of-life care.

Why Heartstrings?

Heartstrings distinguishes itself by offering more than standard benefits – we provide continuous support, motivation, and educational opportunities. We prioritize the well-being of our team members, ensuring both their personal and professional lives lead to greater happiness!

pet hospice care

Outstanding Work Life Balance

We acknowledge the significance of your life beyond work and prioritize it as much as your professional commitments.

pet hospice care

Assured Appreciation

Experience an unprecedented level of gratitude and acknowledgment, surpassing your expectations in the field of veterinary medicine.

pet hospice care

Positive Work Culture

Our strength lies in our people, thriving within a positive, supportive, and familial work environment.

pet hospice care

Flexibility in Schedules

For doctors, we offer 2-5 day-per-week schedules, and our other staff benefits from work-from-home flexibility.

pet hospice care

Comprehensive Training and Support

Engage in thorough training, mentorship, and continuous development support to enhance your professional growth.

pet hospice care

Generous Benefits

Package Expect everything you would traditionally anticipate and more, including mental health support services.