Explore compassion with Maggie’s Rainbow Bridge Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit by Heartstrings Pet Hospice. Our unique fund offers solace to underprivileged families and dedicated service animals, focusing on pet hospice, in-home euthanasia, and aftercare. Our vision is to ease financial burdens and extend services to law enforcement agencies and their service dogs.

At Maggie’s Rainbow Bridge Fund, we believe every family, regardless of finances, deserves a peaceful pet farewell. Our founders envisioned a haven where goodbyes happen at home, not in clinics, to ease the emotional burden. Beyond families, we support law enforcement agencies and service animals, honoring their vital roles in our communities.

Recently, a heartwarming $1,500 donation from The Home Depot Foundation, in memory of “Buddy,” supports our cause. Thanks to Tiffany Poole’s recommendation, this gift aids families and agencies during the emotional process of saying goodbye. We extend heartfelt thanks to Tiffany Poole and The Home Depot Foundation for their generosity, impacting our community positively.

As Maggie’s Rainbow Bridge Fund grows, our commitment to providing comfort, compassion, and support remains unwavering. The recent donation exemplifies community unity, creating a bridge of comfort for pets and their families during challenging times. Join us in making a difference and supporting those facing difficult pet or service animal decisions. 🌈🐾 #RainbowBridgeFund #PetFarewell #CommunitySupport

Maggie’s Rainbow Bridge Fund

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