Pet Loss Support

“We’re here to go through this journey with you and to give you permission to grieve.”
~ Dr. Laura Ashley

Strings of Hope Understanding the Pet Loss Journey Course

This 6-week course has been crafted for pet parents seeking an additional level of knowledge and support while dealing with the loss of their beloved pet. The curriculum is structured in an educational format, with each session focusing on specific aspects related to the loss of a cherished pet. The Understanding the Pet Loss Journey Course will be conducted via Zoom, occurring weekly for 1 hour. Please refer to the course dates and times provided below. This comprehensive course curriculum was exclusively developed for Lap of Love by pet loss pioneer, Coleen Ellis, and will be presented by one of our dedicated Pet Loss Support team members. Participants in the Understanding the Pet Loss Journey sessions will have the opportunity to gain deeper insights into their grief, with recommended reflection activities between each session to assist individuals in their healing journey.

Course Outline

Week 1: Understanding the Intensity of Grief
Week 2: Navigating the Six Essential Needs of Mourning
Week 3: Supporting Children and Pets through the Grief Process
Week 4: Coping with Guilt, Sadness, and Anger
Week 5: The First Year of Loss and Other Significant Moments
Week 6: Creating Meaningful Rituals to Honor Your Beloved Pet’s Life

Course Fee: $149.00 for the 6-week program

*Please note that this program is non-refundable and has a limited capacity of 10 participants per six-week session to ensure an intimate group setting with open dialogue at the end of each session.

Individual Pet Loss Support Session

The journey of grieving the loss of a pet is deeply personal, and the path to healing varies for each individual. Our individual support sessions are tailored for pet parents seeking personalized guidance on their journey to healing after the loss of a beloved pet. These one-on-one call sessions are led by a member of our Pet Loss Support team who will provide a compassionate ear and a safe, caring space to share feelings and emotions surrounding the loss of your cherished pet.

Schedule an Individual Pet Loss Support Session

Please be aware that individual support calls are not a substitute for counseling by a licensed mental health professional. They are conducted using a “companioning” model, offering support to the caller rather than counseling. If needed, callers will be provided with referrals to professional counseling services.

Pet Loss Support Groups

The loss of a beloved pet can often leave loving pet parents feeling isolated. Lap of Love is honored to stand by your side during your grief journey and invites you to attend our free Pet Loss Support Group. These support groups provide a safe, compassionate, and empathetic environment for individuals who want to listen, share, and celebrate the life of their cherished pet with others who are experiencing a similar loss. The sessions are available virtually via Zoom several times throughout the week and are led by Lap of Love’s dedicated Pet Loss Support team. Anyone who has endured the loss of a pet is welcome to join.

During these groups, we will focus on healthy coping strategies, grief responses, and paying tribute to the lives of your furry family members. If you find yourself struggling with feelings of solitude on your grief journey, Lap of Love’s virtual Pet Loss Support Groups are here to offer support.

In addition to these sessions, we also offer virtual support groups specifically tailored for those experiencing anticipatory grief and for those who have undergone the challenging experience of behavioral euthanasia. Please click the link below to view the upcoming schedule for these sessions.

Participation Fee: Free!

Mental health Disclaimer:

The loss of a beloved pet can trigger complex emotional reactions that may warrant professional mental health support, which goes beyond the scope and training of the Lap of Love Pet Loss Resource Line staff. While we are here to provide compassionate grief support, we are not equipped to appropriately assess human mental health concerns or offer mental health counseling. The services provided by the Pet Loss Resource Line are not intended to directly replace or substitute for formal mental health care, especially in crisis situations. We may be able to help you locate pet loss support resources in your area, but we do not provide referrals to specific mental health services.

If you or someone you know is experiencing depression, struggling to cope, or having thoughts of self-harm or harm to others, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY contact the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by dialing 988 or reach out to your local non-emergency resource center. In the case of emergencies, please dial 911.