Jasper, Jazzy, Jazzy-Jazz, Jazzy-Boo: We love you!

Jasper was our smart, stubborn little Shih-Tzu! He was one year old when we adopted him and hadn’t been socialized very much. I took him to training classes and over time he got used to walking on the leash. He graduated from Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced training. And, even passed the Therapy Dogs International test. He was not meant to be a working dog. He could be grumpy—he didn’t like humans getting in his face—and he would let you know with a little growl. But, he was amazingly patient with other dogs, especially his playful younger brother, Leo! And, he also got along well with our alpha-cat Percival back in the day! He loved to go on walks, hike and go to the dog park. His biggest adventure was flying from Atlanta to Los Angeles. He walked on Hollywood Boulevard with his West Coast cousins and splashed in the Pacific Ocean at the dog beach. He visited: Asheville, Jekyll and St. Simon’s Islands, the Florida coast, Chattanooga and Nashville. The West Rim Hike at Cloudland Canyon was one of his favorites. I hoped I could take him there one more time. But, his heart condition worsened so quickly we did not have any more time. Dr. Erin did a great job helping him through the process. And, we are so appreciative that he could spend his last moments at home. We know he has lots of friends across the rainbow bridge to play with but we still wish he could be here with us a little longer!