We brought Julee home on July 1, 2009 – and hence her name Julee ! She had so many nicknames: Julee Bug, Bug, Muffin, Julee Wooley, Jules to name a few. She was my shadow, had to be everywhere I was, and even if behind a gate would worm her way out to find me. She loved to lounge in the pool, would climb on my raft and we would float. Loved laying in the sun. She was a very sweet lap dog, but hated storms and fire works. She developed heart issues in Summer of 2021, but was doing ok until a tumor blew up size of a baseball, and now she was not fighting just one thing anymore. We thought things were getting better, her heart symptoms alleviated, which is what was needed to treat the tumor. But once the tumor started to shrink, and drain, she got an infection, and had trouble fighting, got completely exhausted, I saw it in her eyes, and disengagement, and were sad to let her go. Go play with all your counterparts sweet girl (Sophie, Penny, Meeko, and your paw family before you) You are SO missed!!