Heartstrings Student Externship Opportunities

Are you a veterinary student? Explore our exceptional externship program that provides a distinctive chance to enter a client’s home and actively engage in overseeing all aspects of a pet’s end-of-life care.

Embarking on the journey of bidding farewell to our cherished animals is an emotionally challenging experience, and Heartstrings Pet Hospice veterinarians play a pivotal role in alleviating this pain. They guide animals through a tranquil passing within the familiar surroundings of their homes, surrounded by their devoted family members. The unparalleled practice of veterinary medicine and its numerous benefits become evident in this unique approach.

As part of our 3-day externship program, veterinary students from across the globe are invited to shadow our veterinarians in Tampa, Florida, during house call hospice and euthanasia appointments. This hands-on experience allows you to witness compassionate care firsthand and learn from our veterinary care coordinators, who play a crucial role in communicating with clients facing end-of-life decisions.

Moreover, we understand the financial challenges associated with acquiring hands-on training. To support your participation in a Heartstrings externship without financial constraints, we’ve established the Angel Externship Fund. This fund provides scholarships to cover students’ externship experiences. The good news is that upon acceptance into the externship program, you automatically become eligible for financial support. Join us in this meaningful journey of compassionate veterinary care at Heartstrings Pet Hospice.