Teleadvice / Telehospice

30 Minute Session – $149

At Heartstrings Pet Hospice, we understand the importance of providing personalized care, especially during challenging times. That’s why we are proud to offer Tele-Hospice, a service that brings private hospice care consultations directly to you through telephone or virtual appointments. Our licensed Doctors of Veterinary Medicine are here to guide you through palliative care, in-home hospice, and end-of-life planning with the same dedication and expertise you’d receive in person. This innovative approach ensures that you and your beloved pet can receive the support and guidance you need, all from the comfort of your home. Trust Heartstrings to provide compassionate care every step of the way.

At this juncture, you might find yourself uncertain about the next steps to take or what the “right” course of action is. It’s likely that you’ve scoured online resources, watched videos, and diligently recorded the advice your veterinarian provided during your last visit. If you feel the need for guidance, are unsure about proceeding with euthanasia, or simply wish to discuss your situation with someone, please know that we are here to support you.

What to Anticipate from Telehospice

During a telehospice session, you will have a direct conversation with one of our Heartstrings Pet Hospice doctors, either over the phone or via Zoom, typically lasting around 30 minutes. Throughout this call, we will explore various approaches to enhance your pet’s quality of life, ensuring that you and your family depart from our conversation with a clear understanding of the next steps.

Telehospice sessions are designed to address questions such as:

Please feel free to schedule a Telehospice consultation with one of our doctors whenever you are ready. We are here to provide guidance and support during this challenging time.