Veterinary Hospice

Heartstrings is Atlanta’s premier pet hospice dedicated to providing compassionate palliative care, in-home euthanasia, and comprehensive aftercare services. Our practice is committed to offering complete end-of-life support for pets, allowing families to focus on grieving without the burden of making arrangements. At Heartstrings, we understand the importance of honoring the bond between pets and their families during this difficult time, providing a comforting and supportive environment for both pets and their human companions.

What is hospice and how can it benefit our family pets?

Veterinary hospice for dogs and cats represents a family-centered, medically supervised, and collaborative service that is dedicated to preserving the comfort and quality of life for terminally ill or elderly pets until they naturally pass away or until the family decides on euthanasia. Originally inspired by human hospice care, this specialized form of support places a strong emphasis on ensuring your pet's comfort, rather than seeking a cure for their illness or ailment.

It’s important to note that veterinary hospice appointments are arranged based on need and do not encompass routine care (such as daily or weekly visits), blood work, or diagnostic procedures. Our primary objective is to sustain the emotional bond between humans and their animal companions while imparting knowledge on providing palliative care. Receiving the disheartening news that “there’s nothing more we can do” doesn’t imply that euthanasia is the sole recourse. Veterinary hospice care offers a distinctive approach to meeting your pet’s end-of-life needs. This approach is centered on effectively managing symptoms and maximizing their well-being for as long as possible.

Why opt for veterinary hospice care?

You may currently be confronting a diagnosis of a terminal illness in your pet or navigating the challenges associated with advanced aging, also known as Geriatric Care. Alternatively, you might be seeking ways to extend the precious time you have with your beloved companion before saying goodbye. Regardless of your situation, be assured that we have encountered a diverse range of circumstances. There are always additional steps we can take to ease the end-of-life process.

The proper administration of pain medications, complete with precise dosing instructions, combined with a tailored and effective symptom management approach, are essential tools in providing peace of mind to everyone involved. Heartstrings Pet Hospice is founded on the client-doctor relationship, enriched by additional interdisciplinary services to support your family. The core of hospice care lies in educating you about your pet’s medical condition, and our veterinarians invest significant time in this aspect.

When your family collaborates with our veterinarian from Heartstrings Pet Hospice to create a personalized care plan for your cherished companion, you will also have the support of a comprehensive hospice care team. This team includes our dedicated hospice care nurses who work alongside your hospice veterinarian to provide timely assistance, guidance, and access to resources.

We believe you deserve access to all available information to make the most informed decision for your family and your pet. While we cannot make that decision for you, we can offer support by sharing our medical expertise to help you formulate a plan that aligns with your pet’s needs and honors your family’s preferences.

Veterinary hospice care encompasses a broad range of services, including but not limited to: