Who we are

We believe every pet deserves a peaceful end-of-life journey - because they're part of the family...

Welcome to the only locally-owned Veterinary practice in Atlanta, where compassion meets dignity. Specializing in hospice, at-home euthanasia and aftercare services. Heartstrings was born from Co-Founder Shawn Martin’s journey of losing his beloved pet, Maggie. Shawn’s vision for transformative care led to the creation of Heartstrings, co-owned by a dedicated veterinarian – who provided imperative care to Shawn and his pet when they needed it most. 

Meet Our Veterinarians

Inspired by this impeccable care, our mission is to provide seamless, emotionally beneficial experiences for families as they are grieving the loss of a pet. At Heartstrings, we embody dignity, compassion, and respect in every aspect of mobile hospice, in-home euthanasia, and aftercare services. 

Driven by the belief that pets are family, we are committed to ensuring every pet receives a tranquil end-of-life journey. 

Dedicated Animal Lovers, Pioneers in Veterinary Medicine

We’re Heartstrings Pet Hospice